Jake's Detailing
Driven by the needs of the customer.

Serving the Austin, TX area. 
Let's face it. With the price of cars being what they are these days, it not only makes good economic sense to keep your cars running efficiently, but looking good, too. A clean well maintained car protects your investment, builds resale value and can even improve performance. And it can also make a definitive statement about who you are!

Why choose Jake's Detailing?
Because I'm professional. And I'm committed to doing your detail right the first time I do it. Or I'll refund your money! Jake's Detailing builds business by building relationships. My goal is to do such a good job on your vehicle that you'll be back again and again. That's the Jake's Detailing difference.

Jake's Detailing is quality.
There's more to a quality detail than meets the eye. That's why I only use high quality commercial car care products --cleaning agents, leather conditioner, waxes, glazes and sealers -- on each and every job I do. No exceptions. I also understand that not all vehicles need the same kind of care and attention, and approach each detail accordingly. I will do what is necessary  to produce the best possible results. That's Jake's Detailings' promise!
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